The safety and security of your home and business are of the utmost importance. On the home front, you have your most precious assets to protect: your family members. You want the peace of mind of knowing that your home and the possessions and people inside are safe from outside threats. As for your business, you need to take every precaution to protect the integrity of your livelihood. This includes your facilities, inventory, staff, and/or sensitive customer information. Luckily, ADT can offer the products and services you need. Furthermore, the importance and benefits of installing an ADT alarm system cannot be overstated.

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2012, a property crime occurs every 3.5 seconds, with a home burglary every 15 seconds. Even if you live in a relatively safe area, you don’t want to risk becoming a statistic. And often, the mere threat of an alarm system is enough to ward off would-be home invaders. ADT systems come with yard and window signs to let criminals know that there is a monitored alarm system protecting your home or business. Of course, that’s only the beginning of the protection and other benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose to install an ADT system.

ADT Alarm Systems for Home and Business

ADT systems include door and window sensors so that you can receive warning of unwanted ingress, regardless of how someone enters your home. And with affordable monitoring services, you’ll know that help is on the way should you suffer a home invasion. The same goes for businesses that are protected by ADT. Why shell out the dough for a security guard when ADT can notify the authorities of a break-in and have them on their way to your place of business within moments? Even if your alarm is off during a break-in, there are panic buttons, so you will still be able to alert ADT and, in turn, the authorities.

But there’s a lot more to what ADT can offer. In addition to security monitoring, ADT systems are also designed to detect additional threats to your home or business thanks to monitoring for smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, flood, and temperature. ADT understands that not all threats are of the criminal variety. That said, ADT’s systems are designed to keep your structures and their inhabitants safe from all manner of potential harm.

ADT Alarms: State-of-the Art Technology

You’ll also get state-of-the art technology when you contract with ADT, including digital keypads, keychain remote controls, battery backups, and even the ability to monitor and control your system via smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices, depending on the options you select. And you can receive alerts remotely as well. Best of all, you save money with ADT since most insurance providers offer discounts on coverage for homeowners who use the monitoring services provided by ADT.

1st Response Alarms

As an ADT authorized dealer, 1st Response Alarms can provide you with exactly the type of protection you’re seeking for your home or business. If what you want is prevention, protection, the latest technology, monitoring services, convenience, experience, and savings to boot, IHA can deliver with a comprehensive ADT alarm system. But what you’ll really enjoy is the peace of mind that comes with knowing the things you value most are safe and secure.

ADT Alarm Systems

A secured premises is your best defense against theft and vandalism. For homeowners, home alarms can alert family members to everything from unauthorized visitors to dangerous situations like fires and flooding hazards. Meanwhile, business owners have always appreciated the value of on-site ADT systems, as everything from break-in incidents to customer theft can be successfully monitored.

ADT Alarms

ADT is one of the most recognized and trustworthy companies in the field of security. Currently, ADT services millions of businesses and homes throughout North America. Their security company has always been on the forefront of customer service, with consumer friendly plans that include installation, ongoing monitoring and the inclusion of emerging technologies.

In the last few decades, people have begun to see alarm systems as something other than a ringing bell or annoying buzzer. Today’s alarms have the ability to alert medical personnel if a senior citizen or disabled person requires emergency care. This development grants men and women a chance to live independently. With the simple act of wearing a personal monitor like a necklace, otherwise disabled individuals can continue their lives with a minimum of interference.

Home based alarms and video monitoring have virtually changed the landscape of residential security. With just one security system in place, an entire family can rest assured that they will be alerted to everything from incidents of burglary, fire and unhealthy levels of such toxins as carbon monoxide. Best of all, homes covered by 24/7 monitoring centers add an extra level of security when residents are away for the day or longer periods of time.

Security alarms also protect and offer assurance to small business owners. They know that their business is monitored by closed circuit cameras, providing surveillance on a constant basis. Today’s commercial security systems are carefully tailored to each individual location, adding features as needed. This encompasses everything from access to entry doors, to security for windows filled with expensive merchandise and control options from remote locales.

An added benefit of mobile devices is how one’s security system can be controlled via remote means with the assistance of Pulse Automation. This development adds a new realm of flexibility to personal, home and business security. Consumers can regulate a myriad of items from room temperature to lighting fixtures. Should someone set off an alarm while they are away, home and business owners are able to view events in real time from their computer screen, smart phone or mobile device.

ADT Home Security


ADT home security is designed to offer a viable plethora of options for homeowners. Security measures can be provided on a continuous basis, assuring that one’s house is protected days, nights and even during holidays. ADT alarms are backed by monitoring centers staffed by experienced and well trained personnel.

Should an incident occur, local authorities are summoned immediately. This directly increases the chances that the perpetrators will be caught and stolen goods will be returned in a timely manner. Due to the solid reputation of ADT home security systems, this alone is a very strong deterrent to crime.

Securing one’s residence against crime is a major concern, however there are many other times when monitoring systems save lives. ADT monitors can be installed to thoroughly monitor your environment. One example are sensors installed to detect changes in temperatures when you’re away. This prevents homes from freezing during cold weather snaps, or alerts home owners that areas of their house may be dangerously hot.

Sensors are also a lifeline for those people who worry about not just their home, but family members and pets that may be home alone. Customer monitoring centers keep abreast of unlocked doors and windows, alerting their clients that something may be amiss. Should an incident turn out to be a door accidentally left ajar by a family member, a quick phone call home is often all that’s needed to grant the proverbial “peace of mind.”

Additionally, there are other instances when ADT home security is a homeowner’s best friend. Sensors placed strategically around your house will monitor the premises against floods and potential water damage. If and when a sensor is triggered, a member of the ADT monitoring team immediately contacts the customer to give them the information. The customer then has a chance to run home to check on the situation, or have a trusted friend or neighbor stop by on their behalf.

One of the greatest fears homeowners and families face, is the fact that no house is completely immune to the threat of fire. Flames, smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning routinely kill people of all ages. With ADT home sensors, residents are forewarned about fires and smoke that they might not be aware of. This is the best way to evacuate children, adults and even pets from any building.

In recent years, there have been unfortunate news reports of people and pets overcome by carbon monoxide fumes. As known by its initials on any elemental chart, CO can kill without warning. Generally odorless and colorless, this gas is undetectable without a working sensor device.

Many times victims are prone to merely feeling tired, unaware that they are in danger of long term illness or in some cases death. Should a CO sensor in your house sound, your family is immediately warned of its presence. Whether you at home or not, a member of the ADT monitoring team is at the ready with a call to both you and your local first responders.

ADT Pulse and Home Automation

ADT pulse systems combine the best of all worlds. Customers can have their homes monitored for security issues, while giving them the opportunity to control major facets of their house with nothing more than the smart phone they probably already carry. Computers, tablets and an array of mobile devices also enable customers to receive alerts at the moment they occur. Notifications and alerts are customized to grant a total experience of reassurance.

Simply choose what type of alert you wish to receive through the ADT app. From afar, you are able to control the temperature of the environment or the lighting. Lower the temperature of the central air conditioning system in your home as you’re leaving your place of employment. Now you have the luxury of stepping into comfortable surroundings.

Experts advise that a home that looks actively occupied is an excellent way to head off a burglary. By using your ADT app, homeowners are able to turn lights on and off at will. This includes the ability to change lighting patterns within rooms even when you’re vacationing thousands of miles away. What better way to fool a potential intruder into thinking that someone is home and already on the telephone with the police.

ADT Business Security

By granting small business owners a greater measure of security, the work day is more productive and therefore more profitable. ADT offers customized programs of security, giving different types of enterprises the coverage they require. This includes retail outlets, restaurants and office buildings.

Physicians rely on ADT alarms too. With access through ADT pulse apps, they can monitor medical offices. Now not only are room temperatures at healthy levels, but private patient files receive an added layer of confidentiality.

Owners of boutiques and small retail shops trust ADT to alert them to possible break-ins. Should someone try to open a door or break a window at any hour, motion sensors respond accordingly. Members of the monitoring panel immediately alert the authorities, as well as the business owner as to what is happening.

Anyone who owns or manages a commercial property will find themselves well served by ADT business security systems. ADT alarms are able to monitor back inventory, front of store merchandise and financial assets like cash registers. Once again, ADT pulse products give business owners a chance to interact with their businesses from wherever they may be.

An excellent example of this, is how a business owner is able to manage their store or office from a remote location. Temperature and lighting is reported to you via the monitoring system, so it can be changed as you see fit. This prevents employees from running up unwanted heating or air conditioning bills.

Strategically placed ADT alarms offer an advanced form of Intrusion Detection. The perimeter of your business is always protected, using door and window contacts. Motion detection systems are sensitive enough to pick up the movement of an unwanted guest, but selective enough not to alert authorities should an insect or small pet pass by their portal.

To get the finest degree of work from your employees, it is recommended that you give them the same level of security that they enjoy in their ADT home security systems. From a safety standpoint, this means that employee areas are protected by flood, fire, smoke and carbon monoxide monitors.

However, it is the threat of crime that frightens most small business owners and their employees. To secure any structure, ADT provides what is known as a Hold up or Panic button, easily accessible in an emergency. Kept out of sight from customers and members of the public, the locations of these buttons are only made available to on-site employees.

If an intruder demands money or threatens any member of your staff, ADT and the police are notified immediately with the press of a button. Because the Hold up and Panic buttons are silent, a potentially violent situation is not exacerbated. This is the best way for your employees and customers to remain unharmed until help arrives.

ADT reviews

When surveyed, ADT home security, business alarm systems and ADT pulse customers are generally very happy with the services they receive. In particular, clients mention the caring demeanor of monitoring agents and the quick response times this company is known for. In all circumstances, they felt that their residential and commercial properties were less subject to potential danger.

When polled, current customers express the following thoughts about ADT alarms:

  • ADT consistently offered promotions and affordable pricing options
  • This security company lived up to its renown reputation
  • Customers were pleased with ADT’s “move with you nationwide service” policy
  • Clients were reassured by the over 150 well-equipped monitoring stations
  • Both residential and business clients trusted ADT’s expertly trained staff members
  • Home and business installation was both highly professional
  • Smart home and business features offered total “peace of mind” at all times
  • ADT security systems were well tested prior to being offered to consumers
  • ADT pulse mobile apps offered superior security on a 24/7 basis

In short, current customers advised both home and business owners to receive a no-cost consultation from their local ADT Security representative. With a single conversation and simple inspection of the premises, a full picture of your security needs becomes apparent. During your session, future clients are encouraged to address whatever safety concerns they might have with the representative.

Before any ADT alarms are installed on your property, a comprehensive estimate is always provided. This includes a demonstration of the ADT pulse feature and how it can benefit your family members, employees and customers. Current clients felt reassured of the efficiency of ADT products, because they had a chance to look at them and see them in action.