ADT is the Best Alarm Company

ADT Alarm Systems

ADT: The #1 Home Security Company in America

ADT Security is a vast network that helps protect yourself, your family, and the things that you value most; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With ADT Home Monitoring Systems, you can be sure everything dear to you is safe and secure, all day, every day.

Fast Alarm Service and 24 Hour Monitoring

With ADT home security alarm monitoring, you get continuous protection against theft, intrusion, and other critical conditions. ADT customer monitoring centers are owned and operated by ADT. All centers are connected to nationwide network, to ensure that your monitoring services are never interrupted. ADT trained professionals use powerful, state-of-the-art technology to monitor your home all day, every day. If there is an emergency, ADT professionals will immediately contact you, the police, fire department and/or other emergency professionals.

You can count on:

  • Affordable monitoring.
  • Powerful equipment with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Trained professionals standing by.
  • Quick, efficient response and coverage from a network of interconnected monitoring centers.
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week home security alarm monitoring services.
  • Invisible protective blanket around the people you love and possessions you value most.

Stay connected with ADT Monitoring services.

Burglar Alarm Monitoring

When your home burglary alarm is triggered, ADT monitoring professionals will contact you and the local police department immediately.

Fire & Smoke Monitoring

If the fire alarm or smoke detector is triggered, ADT monitoring professionals will immediately notify the local fire department.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

ADT monitored carbon monoxide detectors monitor CO levels in your home. The detector will alert you and the ADT Monitoring Center if the gas reaches dangerous levels.

Flood & Temperature Monitoring

ADT monitored flood detectors are set up to help protect your home against water damage. Temperature sensors monitor any significant changes in your home’s temperature. In either case, if the alarm is set off, the trained professionals at ADT Monitoring Centers will notify you.

Panic Button

ADT Monitoring professionals will contact emergency professionals when the remote panic buttons are activated. The panic buttons are built into the alarm panels.

Emergency Services

A two-way voice intercom system allows you to be connected with an ADT professional, with a push of a button. In the event you are not near a phone or the base unit, ADT professionals will automatically dispatch emergency professionals to your home.

ADT is Always There to Provide:

  • Theft Protection**
  • ADT Money-Back Service guarantees**
  • Mover’s Security that provides you with a free ADT monitored security system for your new home plus an additional 10% off discount on upgrades. *Must be an ADT customer for at least 2 years to qualify.**
  • Homeowner’s insurance certificate that may save you up to 20% off your homeowner’s insurance.

On or off premise, home or business, ADT alarms have your security concerns covered. 1st Response Alarms also has great deals on security camera systems that will add further surveillance, meaning added security. Through ADT alarm systems and security surveillance camera systems, 1st Response Alarms lets you sleep with a peace of mind. Simply fill out the form above or call the number provided and an ADT security specialist will contact you and explain our home security packages, including our ADT Pulse option. Even if you have an existing system with another provider, we can explain why its a good idea to upgrade to ADT.