Los Angeles ADT Alarm Systems

ADT Monitored Home Security is an intricate, interconnected network throughout the United States. The perfect solution for home and business security, It helps protect against fire, burglary, carbon monoxide, and medical emergencies. All ADT Home Monitoring Systems are user friendly, making it accessible to every home owner. How it works is simple: when the ADT Monitoring System alarm goes off, your local fire, police, and medical team are notified and dispatched immediately by ADT. What if you are not at home? No problem. You as well will be notified at any time the alarm goes off on your ADT Home Monitoring System. An additional feature of the ADT Home Monitoring System is the ADT Companion service. This ADT Home Monitoring System service will be ready and available with a push of a button to dispatch your local fire, police, and medical team if any medical emergency should befall you or a loved one within your home. It would be nice to have assistance that was just a button click away, and with ADT Companion service, you have just that. You can be anywhere in the world, because ADT-monitored home security systems are there to keep your home and family safe. With state-of-the-art home alarm systems, 24/7 monitoring through 6 different monitoring centers, ADT home security is second to none.

ADT Home Security

ADT provides security you can count on every day of the year. As America’s #1 choice in home alarm systems, ADT Home Security includes a number of features and solutions, each tailored to a variety of needs and budgets. These include video surveillance, wireless security, remote access, storm safety and medical alerts. These packages are also tailored to people in different situations, be they pet owners, constant travelers, professionals, parents, etc. ADT alarm systems provide the perfect home security solution to people of all walks of life.