We offer four different home security system packages, each with its own variety of features to meet your individual home security needs. Each package price varies, depending on the specific protective needs of yourself, your family, and the valuables you hold most dear. When choosing your ADT monitoring package, there are some things you want to take into consideration. Our trained technicians can guide you through choosing the best options for your ADT monitored security system.

We have put together a Value Package which comes with all the basic home security features that are essential to any homeowner. All of the home security system packages include the features listed below. These features are all part of the Value Package.

  • 24-Hour Monitoring Your home is monitored and protected 24/7
  • Backup Power System Additional 24 hours of protection in case of a power failure in your area
  • Digital Keypad One touch emergency button with Easy-to-read LCD display
  • High-Decibel Interior Siren To warn you, as well as deter potential intruders
  • Keychain Remote Simply point and press for immediate arming and disarming of your system
  • Sensors for Entryways Be aware of when a door or window is being opened and closed
  • Lawn Sign and Window Decals The logo itself warns potential intruders that your home is monitored at all times
  • Motion Detection PIR sensors detect motion and body heat, and can be calibrated to ignore pets

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