1st Response Alarms in Burbank

Most people only know “Beautiful Downtown Burbank” as the location where The Tonight Show soundstage resides (or did until recently). But for those who live in this area northwest of downtown Los Angeles, the bustling center of media creation is so much more. And residents who call Burbank home are keen to preserve the atmosphere of camaraderie and creativeness that makes it unique. iHome Alarm Systems is a company that aims to provide Burbank residents with the security features needed to ensure that both homes and families are kept safe from the threat of damage and loss that can result from home invasion robberies.

As an authorized dealer of ADT products, iHome Alarm Systems is well equipped to meet the needs of Burbank residents intent on securing their homes against potential threats, and it begins with 24-hour monitoring services. Installation of wireless window and door sensors provides the non-invasive, burglar-resistant solutions that homeowners are looking for, along with technology like motion detectors and an LCD digital touchpad for easy monitoring and adjustment. Plus, the lawn signs and window decals are sure to ward off most would-be intruders before they ever reach the front door. iHome Alarm Systems also offers fire safety monitoring that is proven to provide the rapid response that will help homeowners to avoid insurance claims. And the personalized service and myriad packages offered give Burbank residents the options they need to procure the alarm system that will keep their home and family safe.

Burbank may have a small population when compared to nearby cities like Los Angeles, with just over 100,000 residents, but this city packs a commercial punch that has earned it the nickname “The Media Capitol of the World”, despite the fact that nearby Hollywood is famed for movie production. Burbank, however, focuses on both television and film, and several major media outlets, including Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, and The Walt Disney Company have long claimed Burbank as their headquarters. Originally a center for manufacturing and aviation, Burbank quickly became associated with the film and television industry when companies like First National Pictures (bought by Warner Brothers), Columbia Pictures, and The Walt Disney Company began purchasing land and building studios in the 1920s and ’30s. Today it has become synonymous with film and television production, the industry that employs much of the city’s population, as well as residents of neighboring communities.

The city has become famous for architectural styles that date back to the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s, especially in and around the Magnolia Park area, including adorable bungalows and old-timey storefronts that hearken back to the pre-WWII era, offering small town appeal amidst the island of corporate high-rises and studio backlots that dominate the downtown area. The city of Burbank may seem like a visual contradiction to some, but the newer, corporate structures are as much a part of the cultural landscape of this small city as the ubiquitous bungalows, making for a juxtaposition of styles that works for the talented and creative people who call Burbank home.

iHome Alarm Systems is dedicated to ensuring that Burbank residents need never worry about the safety of their homes, especially when they’re working long hours at whichever entertainment powerhouse employs them. With consultations designed to offer personalized service to every customer, iHome Alarm Systems is an ideal choice for home security.