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Home of the Dallas Cowboys and the theme of a popular soap opera that aired for quite a long time on television, the city of Dallas is a major Texas city and is one of two large metropolitan areas in Texas. Dallas grew from its illustrious oil, cotton, and railroad industries. With regards to attractions, dining, tourism, nightlife, shopping, the arts, and hospitality, Dallas provides visitors and residents alike a unique Texas experience unlike any other. Known for Dallas hospitality, the city boasts a gamut of historic sites, museums, gardens, amusement parks, and restaurants everywhere in the city from the calm peaceful suburbs to the bustling of downtown Dallas.

With a population of 6.8 million residents as of July 1, 2013 Dallas sits as the largest economic center of the metropolitan area which consists of 12 counties; ranked as fourth largest employment centers in the nation with just New York city, Los Angeles, and Chicago ahead of it, the Globalization and World Cities Study Group & Network rated Dallas a “beta plus” world city in 2013.

So whether you are visiting this city for business or pleasure, you will find an eclectic blend of metropolitan flair and old traditional western charm. It’s no wonder why homeowners secure their peace of mind by way of a time tested ADT home security system. It’s difficult to name a better investment than the one you make to protect the things that matter most.

While it’s true that Dallas’ crime rates fall well below cities such as St Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Miami, Washington, Kansas City, and Boston, one can never be too safe. This is why many Dallas residents turn to iHome Alarm Systems to safeguard their homes and loved ones. After all, Dallas is a family city with great traditional home values.

Many families enjoy the city’s cuisine, sites, sports, and the arts, however, ask any Dallas resident and they will tell you that the thing they value most is the just the feeling of “home” they feel when the tuck their little ones in to sleep or when they head out to work in the morning. It is difficult to put a price on that feeling of home and Dallas is a place where many American families have found the place to set in their roots and grow in the community. And with all that the city has to offer by way of education, culture, and an all American lifestyle, Dallas can’t be beat.