1st Response Alarms in El Cajon

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El Cajon is a Spanish word that roughly translates to a big box. This name first appeared in 1821, and it describes the valley’s boxed-in location. This name was also present on maps and was shortened to Cajon in 1875. This convention was maintained until the development of the modern town when a fused term, Elcajon, was given to the post office. However, the name was lengthened to El Cajon again in 1905 when historian Zoeth Skinner Eldridge insisted that the two original words should be split apart.


El Cajon experiences an arid Mediterranean climate. Like many areas in Southern California, this climate changes drastically within a small distance, which locals refer to as their microclimate. The climate in El Cajon goes through larger extremes in comparison to San Diego at the coast, for example. El Cajon is warm in the summer, and the mean temperatures average around 70.1 degrees. It is relatively cool in the winter, and the mean temperatures average around 55 degrees.

Parks in El Cajon

The Albert Van Zanten Park occupies 15 acres. The park provides recreational opportunities from Monday to Fridays and during most weekends. This complex has three large fields for sports, restrooms, concession stands and score booths. Outdoor basketball courts are also available. The landscaping is beautiful, and the large sidewalks and tracks make it ideal for joggers and walkers. Bostonia Park is close to the Bostonia Elementary School and Bostonia Recreation Center. It is a small park consisting of only two acres, and it has beautiful equipment on the playground including slides with adjacent areas for climbing.

Investing in Property in El Cajon

When searching for a place to invest in property in El Cajon, consider the advantages of a location that is still growing, for it will provide an appealing living environment for workers. As the area’s population grows, choice properties will become increasingly scarce, which tends to raise the prices. The next step is to ensure adequate security. ADT, which is an advanced alarm system for burglars, has grown famous for home protection.

Security systems provide multiple benefits to customers. It is possible to utilize these alarms for vehicles to prevent car theft, for example. The ADT alarm system is ideal for houses in El Cajon, for they are effective at deterring break-ins. Protect your valuable possessions with an iHome Alarm System. It enables you to monitor areas inside and outside the home. The CCTV, or closed circuit television, will ensure that intruders cannot get in without being detected.