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Mesquite is a city rich with history, dating all the way back to the late 19th century, when many American towns grew from farming communities primarily harvesting such commodities as cotton, corn, hay, sugar. This was also the era when farmers and merchants used the railroad to ship these raw goods from place to place. Today, the United States Census Bureau puts Mesquite at a total of 46.2 square miles, most of which is land with a small percentage being comprised of bodies of water. This region is part of the humid subtropical areas that characterize much of Texas, with the highest recorded temperature in 1980 topping at 112°F and the lowest temperature being 1°F in 1989. The warmest month in Mesquite is usually July with the coolest temperatures typically in January.

When it comes to home security systems for a city like Mesquite, it would serve you well to bear in mind that like many American cities, ground traffic is prevalent in all parts of the city. Ground travel in Mesquite is by three main interstate highways, one US highway, and one state highway that all run through Mesquite. A publicly owned and operated airport with a 6,000 foot (1,800 meter) lighted runway serves the city of Mesquite, and is a busy hub of air traffic due to its proximity to Dallas and ideal fuel prices. Mesquite is also served by two other airports in the area, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love Field which are located about 30 miles (48 km) and 15 miles (24 km) from Mesquite respectively.

With such a vast transportation network, it’s important to keep your home safe 24 hours a day from nocturnal visitors who come around with unscrupulous intentions. A home burglary can be a disruptive and traumatic experience which can color a family’s life permanently (especially for children). So along with finding a good school for your family, it’s important to secure the home from dangers. The city of Mesquite has a good public education system with several good schools in the area.

Mesquite Independent School District covers most of the city with quality primary and secondary education ranging from K-12). There is a smaller region in Mesquite that the Dallas Independent School District serves, and along with a number of elementary and middle school campuses, Mesquite has five high schools: Mesquite High School, North Mesquite High School, West Mesquite High School, Horn High School, and Poteet High School, as well as a private school called Dallas Christian School located in the city. And there are two higher education institutions: Eastfield College offers undergraduate degrees and continuing education credits which the Dallas County Community College District system allows students to transfer to other schools, and the Texas A&M University-Commerce Mesquite Metroplex Center offers graduate-level degrees in a wide range of studies.


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