adt trouble light | what does it mean

ADT – The Yellow Triangle Explained

While this can be confusing to many people because of the way that the ADT manuals read, it doesn’t have to be. The yellow triangle on an ADT security system is what they call a trouble light and anytime it is lit up, that indicates trouble somewhere in the system. The system continuously monitors many trouble condition possibilities and if it detects one the keypad can beep 2 times each 10 seconds until you acknowledge the trouble by pressing any button on the keypad.

When a trouble condition has been indicated, the security provided by the system will not be as complete as it is supposed to be until the trouble is fixed. You are asked to call the security company any time this light comes on.

If you want to find out what the trouble is then go to your keypad and press *2. One or more of the zone lights will come on indicating the trouble areas. Here is what they mean:

  1. Call the company because there is service required.
  2. Loss of power. Keypad will not beep but the light will be on.
  3. Trouble in the telephone line
  4. Communication failure between the panel and the central station.
  5. Zone fault. Press 5 to see which zones are having trouble
  6. Tampering with the zones. Press 6 to see which zones have been tampered with.
  7. Low battery in one of the zones, keypads or wireless keys.
  8. Malfunction in the system clock.

While most of these things can be fixed rather quickly and easily if you feel that it is beyond you, please call your security system right away.