5 Ways to make your home more secure

Home security is serious business. Nothing is more disconcerting than the possibility of someone invading your home and potentially threatening your family’s security. So it goes without saying that home security is something to be taken seriously, and merits much time, thought and investment. Here are 5 ways to make your home more secure.

1-Get a Good security System

Perhaps the single most important think you can do is to have a good security alarm system. Companies like ADT offer excellent systems and monitored services. ADT also provide wireless security and fire safety sensors and leave you with a peace of mind whether you are in home asleep or away at work or vacation. The ADT yard sign and window sticker let would-be home invaders to move on to another house.

2-Get a loud dog

Dogs are an important home security asset-assuming you don’t live in an area where dogs aren’t allowed. A common misconception is that you need a big dog that will intimidate would-be intruders. While being large and intimidating is a plus, it’s the attention-attracting ruckus that dogs make that would-be burglars really fear. What’s more; some big dogs are too friendly and not only don’t bark, but might even try and play with an intruder. On the other end of the big dog personality spectrum, consider the liability that a large aggressive dog could impose on you.

3-Use common sense

This goes without saying and yet people overlook this all of the time. Don’t announce to your Facebook friends list that you will be leaving town for 3 weeks (are you really that sure that you know everyone on your friends list so well, or that you really understand your privacy settings well enough to know that people outside your list aren’t able to see your post?). If you’re going to be gone, don’t let the newspapers or mail pile up-have someone collect it while you’re gone. If you’re packing for your big trip, be as discreet as reasonably possible when loading your vehicle. Minimize the amount of information you reveal to the outside world. Don’t display your full name on your mailbox.

4-Be well-equipped

You should consider having some sort of weapon available in case someone breaks in while your home. Guns are common here in the US, but this is a point of contention. If you’re considering a gun, here a few things to consider. Do you live alone. Or are there children in the house? Are you going to be well-trained with the gun, or simply have it laying around without ever so much as going to the range? Are you going to keep it secured, or just laying around in some haphazard fashion? Are you mostly home, or mostly away (most break ins occur while the home owner is away)? If you answered in the former for most or all of these, then you may consider a gun. However if you tended to answer in the latter, then think long and hard before considering one. Furthermore, there are other options besides a gun. Pepper spray/mace, tasers, and any number of blunt or bladed objects may suffice.

5-Be Resourceful

There is no shortage of DIY security tips out there. While I personally suggest a home security alarm system, there are other steps you can take to further ensure your home is secure. There are a number of DIY tips you can implement including door stops, having a wide-angle peep hole, keeping your home well lit, making use of shrubbery (keeping defensive shrubbery under windows while keeping ‘hiding place’ shrubbery well-trimmed), using broom handles or dowels to secure windows and sliding doors, etc.